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“The developers of Rockledge are pursuing a singular vision, spawned by their desire to create a unique community devoted to the incredible convergence of natures bounties in this very unique location at the juncture of Fontana Lake and the Nantahala River Gorge. It has been done with a quality standard to match the timeless character of this particular wilderness enclave we serve. And since we plan to spend the rest of our lives here ourselves, we hope to attract like-minded nature-loving individualists to come join us.”

The Sikorra Family Bio

Growing up in Minnesota on the Mississippi River and later on the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater Florida, you could say I, Dan lived in one extreme or the other. It wasn’t until adulthood while working in the corporate world and traveling much of the country that I learned of the Smoky Mountains of Western NC, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

My eyes were opened so when the opportunity availed itself, I moved to Charlotte NC, to be closer to the Smokies. With or without our 5 kids, we took every opportunity to vacation in Bryson City, a fun and vibrant town where we could enjoy all the surrounding outdoor activities. My love for the land deepened as I hiked or ran trails through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park appreciating the beautiful wildlife and enjoying the hundreds of miles of mountain streams. When I wanted more action, I threw my mountain bike in the boat and motored over to Tsali Recreation Area for some single track action. What a way to travel – the boat ride on Fontana Lake covers some of the most pristine lake wilderness areas in the southeast. If I was lucky enough to have a driver with me I water skied on the way back.

Linda and I have always loved and dabbled in real estate. We bought our first Fontana Lake property in 1996 and a while later we moved to the area full time and opened Fontana Realty. Now we were able to help others share our dream by selling unique lake access properties in this area. This propelled Fontana Realty into becoming the leading independent realtor in the area for lake property. And Linda is the just-past President of the tri-county Realtor Board.

Our excitement and love for the area grew deeper over time. When we first saw the land that is now Rockledge we immediately had the realization that this is where it all comes together with the best of all worlds-the gorgeous views, rare direct access to Fontana Lake, proximity to the Appalachian Trail and the NOC, just everything. With an appreciation of how precious a convergence of nature this particular mountain is, and having worked with a number of other area developers, we realized that this was the opportunity of a lifetime to put all our experience and values to work.

Our mission here, now and ongoing, is to be the best stewards we can be of God’s bounty in this place called Rockledge. Typically, when one finds something very good, in order to truly enjoy it, it must be shared – and that is where I find myself today!


Burt Waters

burt-waters-in-rioI’m the new guy on the block, having lived in many corners of the country, from Ohio to Los Angeles to San Francisco to New York, back to Los Angeles, and then to Florida – where Dan Sikorra and I became great friends more than 30 years ago. And for the last thirteen years I’ve tele-commuted from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where my home has been literally four feet from the face of a mountain (and only three blocks from the Atlantic!). So I’ve known a thing-or-two about mountains – except, of course, in Florida. 🙂

Dan’s been trying to get me to North Carolina for a visit for years. But I really wasn’t prepared for the sheer natural concentration of beauty in the Bryson City area in general – or the quality of all that beauty distilled into one residential enclave, Rockledge, free of any cookie-cutter subdivision overtones or politics, or the over-sprawl of never-ending circuitous roads. Simply stunning and the perfect configuration for my tastes.

All of my background has been in creation, merchandising and marketing, both in fashion and in the remodeling of unique properties. So when the opportunity arose to be part of the totally unique vision of the Rockledge community I jumped at the chance to help distill the God-given elements concentrated here into a comprehensive and totally unique lifestyle!

I’m excited!


55 Main St.
Bryson City, NC 28713


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